The 110 Experience

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The best, most effective, efficient 30 minute workout

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The Warm Up

Yoga flow inspired movements into a dynamic warm up


Every workout begins with a sequence of yoga inspired movements to work out the kinks of sitting at a desk all day, rolling out of bed, or a long weekend of cheats. We refocus the mind and soul to prepare to train 110. We will establish our focus of training. Following Movement goes into momentum as we warm the body, prepare for exercise with a dynamic exercise sequence. This will wake you up!


If you chose to lift, every Signature 110 LIFT begins with a big lift session where we lift together then at your own pace. We focus on building muscle, and toning. Big LIFT session is followed up with either high intensity intervals or a Circuit called the SHIIFT focusing on burning fat, burning calories, and increasing metabolism.


High intensity interval training and performance based cardio training.


If you chose to SHIFT, every Signature 110 Shift begins with the SHIIFT momentum, which is trainer guided interval training based on your fitness level using either non motorized treadmills, water rowers, or eventually bikes. SHIIFT is followed by performance base training where you will be training on improving your own personal numbers.

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